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Tennessee Jobs


The Right Job For

Every Tennessean
While Tennessee leads in job creation, there are still too many Tennesseans unemployed or under employed. We have to do more for the people of our state who want to work and use their skills to achieve their American Dream.

Tennessee Education


Parents and Teachers Together

Creating a Tennessee Solution
Only a parent knows the best environment for a child’s learning. Curriculum should define the test; the test should not define the curriculum. And Tennessee parents and teachers should determine standards, testing, and curriculum for Tennessee Students, not the Federal Government.

Government Accountability


A Government Scorecard

Teachers and Doctors, Hospitals, Manufacturing Plants and Schools
each use scorecards to measure success and define areas needing improvement. A government scorecard will ensure the services of government meet the needs of the people.

Mark’s Blog Post

Keeping My Promise

image_4We want to know what you think!

During my campaign I promised to always listen. During the first few months in the senate I have been impressed with the number of people wanting to have their voice heard.

That’s why we added a contact section to our web site. It’s real easy, just click on the link below and provide us your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you! Contact Us!

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