Quality Sustainable Jobs

We need to make Tennessee and our district more competitive relative to the other right to work states with no income tax. The following are steps we can do to improve Tennessee’s ability to recruit companies to operate in here:

  • Eliminate the capital gains tax on investment in any Tennessee based company recruiting companies and jobs to the state.
  • Facilitate a partnership between healthcare IT companies, APSU and other Technical Colleges to create job opportunities in these industries.
  • I will oppose any state income tax. I see no exception or circumstance that would ever cause me to vote for an income tax.


We need to ensure we insert a free market into healthcare wherever possible.

  • TennCare. We need to reverse the incentive-to spend and create incentives for TennCare recipients to take an active roll in preventative care.
  • Access to care. I will work diligently to increase the output of midlevel providers, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants from schools in our district as a way of increasing access to care while reducing the cost of care.
  • I will work protect the citizens of Tennessee from the intrusive mandates of ObamaCare. The Federal Government should not be allowed to tell Tennesseans what they have to purchase and who they have to purchase it from.

Second Amendment Rights

Our founding fathers authored the Bill of Rights immediately after overthrowing a tyrannical government. It is pretty clear the intent of the second amendment was set up for checks and balances on the government.

  • I will oppose any limitations or constraints on our right as citizens to keep and bare arms.

Veterans Issues

As a veteran, with two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, no one will better advocate for soldiers and veterans than I will.

  • We, as a state need to halt the requirement of qualified veteran truckers to complete a CDL skills test prior to application for a truck driver’s license.
  • As an incentive to recruit veterans to retire in our state, I propose a grant to veterans who retire in Tennessee and start a business.
  • The state currently offers services to Veterans across a wide spectrum of state offices causing difficulty for veterans seeking to use the benefits granted to them. We need to consolidate all state services for veterans under one department.


  • Build a coalition between the state, local government and local businesses to facilitate the development of an exit for our hospital.
  • Work to increase state funding of roads in our expanding community.


  • Require that no education legislative initiative be passed without first including input from front line teachers at all levels of the education system.
  • To encourage students to not drop out of school (TN had nearly 28,000 students drop out last year) or to complete a GED, suspend driver licenses of any high school aged driver not enrolled in school or not possessing a diploma or GED.
  • I believe the HOPE Scholarship exists to increase the number of students attending college or skills training certificates.